When we feel passionate about something it is impossible to keep it to ourselves for very long

As matter of fact when something touches us so deeply, people start to notice and of course they want to know more. Vaping is one of those things! It is amazing to see this hip new community of people coming together to check out the latest juices, meet new people and try the latest gadgets from their favorite manufacturers.

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After having smoked for many many years (around 1 – 2 packs a day), I can clearly mark a before and after. My energy level boosted, I don’t smell like an ash tray and I’m a lot less concerned about my health. I believe if it were not for vaping I would have fallen back on cigarettes. It is so cool to be able to relate with thousands of other avid vapers who have been able to overcome their addictions and cravings thanks to things wonderful thing “Vaping”. Don’t be a stranger, come on over to one of the many events we will be hosting in the future and see for yourself what all the “vape” is about.

Join Colorado's Vaping MovementWe strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere, our hope is that our customers find new and exciting ways to experience this growing vaping community in Colorado.

We host a number of events in our space, from local vape meet-ups and visionary artist launch parties, to issue release parties for local publications. Our vape meet-ups feature product giveaways, a community of people sharing tips and tricks, live music and art, local food, and an inviting atmosphere. There is no better opportunity to meet fellow members of the community, try new eJuices, and learn more about our ever-expanding list of products!

We believe it is our duty, at the Boulder Vapor House, to give back to our amazing and supportive community. In addition to helping provide an alternative to smokers, we have also organized a number of fundraisers and events designed specifically to give back. We also hold events for Local Businesses, Clothing Lines, Artists, Producers, DJ’s, and Local Publications.

We would love to hear from you. Please Contact Boulder Vapor House with any vape-related questions, tips or ideas!

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