What are the differences between vaping an e-juice and smoking a tobacco cigarette?

When it comes to the matters of vaping and smoking many questions arise: Is vaping harmful? What does it contain? Is it safer than smoking? At Boulder Vapor House we are advocates for the vape community and we work to defend vaping rights by providing important information, a place to call others to action, and to contest anti-vaping misinformation.

Vaping is not smoking

Vaping vs. Smoking

Today we wrap up tons of information going around the web in a comprehensive and very simple way:



Process Combustion Non-combustive heat
Produces Ashes, smoke Water vapor
Result Toxic second-hand smoke Water vapor
What goes into your body? More than 4000 toxic chemicals Water vapor
Consequence -lung cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular disease -No negative effect on arteries, on the oxygenation of the heart or heart health have been reported-no instances of lung cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular disease have been reported
Health risk Smoking is deadly Vaping is 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes

What’s in a combustible cigarette?

A sole cigarette contains approximately 600 ingredients. When lit more than 7,000 chemicals are created, including acetone, acetic acid, benzene, butane, carbon monoxide, tar, toluene and many others. At least 69 of these chemicals have been identified and proven to cause cancer, and most are poisonous. Smoking changes cells in the lungs, leading to lung cancer, and is strongly connected to respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, when a cigarette burns, meaning that the combustion process produces smoke and ashes, there is also second-hand smoke, exhaled by the smoker, this substance still contains all the above chemicals and bi-products, which, when inhaled by a non-smoking person, involuntarily brings into their lungs a significant amount of those toxic and poisonous chemicals.

Overall, Smoking is deadly.

What’s in an e-Cigarette?

E-juice or E-liquid is the flavored liquid that your e-cigarette vaporizes. The E-juice is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (often referred as “PG” and “VG” respectively), food-grade flavorings, and sometimes a sweetener. Lastly, e-liquid contains nicotine, but is also available in Zero nic. In vaping NO BURNING IS INVOLVED, because the vaporizer involves applying heat but not flame to e-juice the only bi-product is water vapor. There is no “smoke”, and the absence of smoke means no second-hand smoke which poses less harm for the non-smoking public.

Another important fact is that e-Cigs are being used by smokers as a nicotine replacement product that can and does eventually lead to smoking cessation and a less harmful way to get nicotine, which undeniably makes vaping a more successful tool for quitting traditional cigarettes.

As you can see, E-cigarettes are much less harful than combustibles cigarettes. We firmly believe that there’s lots of confusing information and misinformation on e-cigs. Regulation of e-cigs and other vape products is inevitable. We hope that providing the latest in research, and positive movements in legislation will help urge our customers and community to work with us to fight lumping vaping in with smoking, and teach the non-smoking, non-vaping public that lumping combustible cigarettes in with e-cigs and other Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) could be a fatal decision for public health.

Vaping is not smoking1

More information at https://www.facebook.com/VapingnotsmokingBoulder

Boulder Vapor House: Supporting the vape rights

Along with our effort to help provide an alternative to smokers we have also organized a number of fundraisers and events designed specifically to give back. In addition to this, we also hold events for Local Businesses, Clothing Lines, Artists, Producers, Dj’s, and Local Publication.

We host a number of events in our space, from local vape meet-ups and visionary artist launch parties, to issue release parties for local publications. Our hope is to provide customers with new and exciting ways to experience this growing community. Our vape meet ups feature product giveaways, a community of people sharing tips and tricks, live music and art, local food, and an inviting atmosphere. There is no better opportunity to meet fellow members of the community, try new eJuices, and learn more about our ever-expanding list of products.



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