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Premium e-Liquids

Time Bomb e-Liquids contain no animal products, coloring or harmful additives-extracted from pure vegetable and other natural products.

Greg and Alena are the Co-Founders of Buckshot Vapors and Time Bomb Vapors. After seeing the positive results of e-cigarettes replacing smoking, they decided to make their own e-juice. They wanted a superior e-Liquid that could be vaped all day. This is how Buckshot Vapors came to fruition. But, it did not stop there, Greg and Alena enjoyed very much making tasty e-juice and Buckshot Vapors was so well received in the industry that they decided to create another line of e-juice. This is how Time Bomb Vapors came alive – they wanted something that would be a new breed of e-juice. Time Bomb Vapors has received the same positive reception as Buckshot Vapors and both lines are thriving.

Time Bomb Premium e-Juice: A truly eclectic mix of flavors

Time Bomb juices present an impressive array of sophisticated flavors, the entire e-Juice range is a truly premium blend. With berry mixes, popcorn hints and even purple pixy stix, there is a wide selection of flavors for differing tastes. Also known for their unique, bomb inspired style and design, Time Bomb juices is one of the best premium e-liquids in the world. Their products are intended to be used by both intermediate and veteran vapers throughout the day. Plus, Time Bomb nicotine e-Liquids are made using high quality ingredients and nicotine. They are customized in 15ml bottle with unique nicotine level per volume of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. You can expect a throat hit that remains high, so there is no need for the users to increase the nicotine level while vaping.

What Timebomb Vapors mix would you wanna grab?

Fuse – A mouthwatering combination of strawberry and watermelon guaranteed to refresh your taste buds.

Joker – Sweet blueberries and raspberries.

Premium e-Liquids

Joker by Time Bomb

Premium e-Liquids

Fuse by Time Bomb

Did you know that:

Time Bomb e-Liquids contain no animal products, coloring or harmful additives-extracted from pure vegetable and other natural products.



Heathen – An explosion of immense fruity flavor. A mix of honeydew and dragon fruit.

Maniac – Gourmet bakery style vanilla cupcake with butter cream frosting and a decadent creamy filling!

Premium e-Liquids

Heathen by Time Bomb

Premium e-Liquids

Maniac by Time Bomb










Pixy – A magical grape flavored sugar sensation. Reminiscent of a Purple Pixy Stix.

TNT – An explosion of immense fruity flavor sure to put a smile on your face. A mix of strawberry, apple and peach.

premium e-Liquids

Pixy by Time Bomb

Premium e-Liquids

TNT by Time Bomb





TimeBomb is full of explosive flavor!


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