The Classic Joins the NewResto Mods The '37

From the genius e-Liquid makers of the best-selling, turbocharged, Denver-based Boosted e-Liquid comes RestoMods, a line inspired by love for the vape community and love of all things automotive.

In car lover’s terminology, a “restomod” is a type of vehicle restoration that mixes modern parts and technology during the restoration process, enhancing the comfort, performance, and safety of a classic car’s original design.

In much the same way, Boosted e-Liquid took the classic techniques that made the original line, improved upon them, incorporated new mouthwatering flavors that were not available when Boosted was created, and developed their own premium e-liquid equivalent to an automotive restomod.


RestoMods by Boosted

Here is the RestoMods line:

resto55_FinalThe 37′ by Boosted

A warm, freshly-baked apple pie with a twist! A little pineapple was added to give it a bit of extra horsepower. PG/VG Ratio:  40% PG / 60% VG

resto66_FinalThe 55′ by Boosted

A delicious, simple dessert. The 55 starts with a bowl of rich, sweet cream and adds a heaping helping of plump blueberries. PG/VG Ratio:  40% PG / 60% VG

The 66′ by Boosted

Straight from the bakery, flaky, savory pastry, filled with a mouthwatering sweet, candied and glazed guava center. PG/VG Ratio:  40% PG / 60% VG


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