Best E-juice Deals in Boulder: It’s Two for Tuesday! Buy two bottles of juice, get $2 off

There is no better way to discover stimulating e-juice flavors and sensations than tasting new ones. Even better when you can keep more of your money for buying two bottles of juice and getting $2 off.

Two-for-Tuesday is a weekly promotion, buy any bottle of juice, get a second (of equal or lesser value, the full-price bottle will be the higher priced) at $2 off.

It is In-Store ONLY, so step into our shop in Boulder and let the magic begin!

What does E-juice or E-liquid stand for?

E-juice or E-liquid is the flavored liquid that your e-cigarette vaporizes. It can contain nicotine or could be nicotine free. Both alternatives have natural and artificial flavors. They are made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, often referred as “PG” and “VG” respectively and an e-liquid may contain one of these ingredients or a mix of the two. PG is thinner and less likely to cause “dry puffs” in some e-cigarette designs. It also reproduces flavors more accurately. VG is thicker, which allows you to create thicker vapor clouds. It also lends a slightly sweet flavor. A great e-juice is made out of a blend of the two, creating a balance that works as well as possible with most e-cigarette models.

We have the best selection of E-Juices in Colorado

Here are just a few of the amazing brands we carry:Best E-liquids brands in Colorado

  • Adam Bomb
  • Ballistic Vape
  • Blueprint juice
  • Boosted
  • Boulder Vapor House Blends
  • Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust
  • Elysian E­lixars
  • Epic Vapors
  • And more…

There is a whole world to be explored when it comes to E-Juices

At BVH, we carry 100 + flavors of e-juice representing 20 leading brands from classic tobacco flavors and savory desserts, to fruit flavors and more in between. The overwhelming variety of flavors set out at the tasting bar can satisfy nearly any palate, and at a variety of nicotine concentrations, including nicotine free. Vapers can choose the vaping experience that best suits their tastes. Although the FDA has not completely regulated this industry, all of the products we carry are made from USDA food grade and FDA pharmaceutical grade products, never including artificial dyes or questionable ingredients.

Coming into our store for the first time is sensory bliss, and Tuesdays are THE BEST DAY to come visit us in Boulder, since we hold our Two for Tuesday deal.  But if you can’t make it tomorrow, any day, when you enter our shop you’ll be immediately greeted by the robust and diverse scents lingering in the air from our vast selection of e-juices. Walk over to our tasting bar, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your taste buds!

See you here… Boulder Vapor House at 1155 13th St., Unit B, Boulder, CO 80302

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