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Elysian E-Lixars

From Orange, California, Elysian E-Lixars was founded by brother and sister team of Katy and Casey Aitken Elysian, driven by love for vaping, creativity, and family. Both co-founders have been vaping for over four years, and after much success with their D.I.Y. e-liquids, they decided to bring their sublime flavors to the rest of the vape community.

In addition to creativity in crafting high-quality e-liquid, Elysian values family above all else. Friendship and quality are the other pillars that form the foundation upon which Elysian E-lixirs was created. What they represent is what sets them apart from others.

An e-Liquid line-up worthy of the gods

Apollo – Like a refreshing ray of the god Apollo’s radiant sunshine, this e-liquid is bursting with mouthwatering pineapple and guava, perfectly balanced for your vaping pleasure.

Artemis – Your taste buds will be struck by an arrow from the mighty bow of Artemis herself. The goddess of the moon brings you a luscious blend of lychee and strawberry with undertones of creamy pears.

Bacchus – Bacchus, being quite the trickster, has created this e-liquid with two different experiences in one, both fit for the god of wine himself.  On the inhale you’ll taste a delicious grape candy while the exhale surprises you with a refreshing, tangy cranberry.

Premium e-Juice

Apollo by Elysian E-Lixirs

Premium e-Juice

Artemis by Elysian E-Lixirs

Premium e-Juice

Bacchus by Elysian E-Lixirs

Baldr – Raspberry Marshmallow the best offering for the North God of beauty.

Mjolnir – The Hammer of Thor brings you a spicy chai tea latte.

Skadi – A silky, smooth blend of lemon, strawberries, and a splash of cream that will remind you of your favorite fruity cereal from your childhood.

Premium e-Juice

Baldr by Elysian E-Lixirs

Premium e-Juice

Mjolnir by Elysian E-Lixirs

Premium e-Juice

Skadi by Elysian E-Lixirs

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