“I like to create art
for the sake of creating art”

As part of our mission to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the community, Boulder Vapor House features a variety of inspiring artists.

William Thompson art1

William Thompson is an artist who enjoys provoking thought, creativity, and providing his audiences with detailed and mind-bending eye candy.  His work is influenced by the pop-art styles of Andy Warhol, as well as the exploratory and underground styles of many street artists such as Banksy and Sheppard Fairey. He considers himself mostly a self-taught artist, aside from taking an AP Art class in high school.

 wmThompsonTheEyeAn artist built on the streets

Will is an experienced artist in the fields of street art, graffiti, stenciling, drawing, painting, and digital design. He considers art to be a medium through which the artist can express the thoughts and images taking place within their own creative minds.  It allows the artist to effectively communicate views and likes to audiences of all sorts, by provoking thought. Without art, it would be nearly impossible to know what exactly is taking place inside the artists’ minds. Through his artwork, he wants to brighten up the way we perceive the world by driving others to appreciate and accept art, not only for its beauty, but for the unconventional thought processes it creates.

It’s all about diversifying the art

Dromas & Conscious Collective Spring ReleaseBorn and raised in Vail, Colorado, he currently lives in Boulder, where he produces most of his artwork. Will likes to use a wide range of mediums, including; ballpoint pen, spray paint, acrylic, and sea-glass.  He is constantly diversifying his art, striving to not get tied down to one particular method or concentration. For this reason, he enjoys developing his artwork in different areas.

EXHIBITIONS William has participated in several exhibitions including more than one at our very own Boulder Vapor House, also at Crazy Mountain Brewery, Flavors of Colorado, The Spot, Cassleman’s Bar & Venue, Elm & Oak, Hodi’s Half Note, and Avon Town Library.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS his accomplishments range from the 1st place in the Cinco De Drinko Art Battle hosted by Elm & Oak through album artwork for DeluXe’s EP, The Mus1ck’s EP, Kronen Band, Vail Skate Park Mural among many others. His work has also been featured in the Vail Daily Newspaper, Progression Clothing & Apparel, CU Honors Journal and Currency Exchange App.

William Thompson Art

At Boulder Vapor House we believe it is our duty to give back to such an amazing and supportive community

Boulder Vapor House strives to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the Colorado Vaping community. We host a number of events in our space, from local vape meet-ups and visionary artist launch parties to issue release parties for local publications.

Our hope is to provide customers with new and exciting ways to experience this growing community. Our vape meet-ups feature product giveaways, a community of people sharing tips and tricks, live music and art, local food, and an inviting atmosphere. There is no better opportunity to meet fellow members of the vaping community, try new e-Juices, and learn more about our ever-expanding list of products.

William Thompson art2

Along with our effort to help provide an alternative to smokers we have also organized a number of fundraisers and events designed specifically to give back. In addition to this, we also hold events for Local Businesses, Clothing Lines, Artists, Producers, Dj’s, and Local Publication.

Come to BVH and support new exiting artists!



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