“It has been my honor, for most of my life, to take part in one of the more amazing experiences in the human reality, pure creation…”

As part of our mission to provide a welcoming atmosphere to the community, Boulder Vapor House features a variety of inspiring artists.

We present you Blais Bellenoit:

Blais Bellenoit is an artist from Massachusetts who grew up in the rural town of Rehoboth and attended Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned a four year degree in Illustration. Since graduating in 1999, he started his freelance art career, working in various styles and using several mediums including pen & ink, oil paint, water color, pencil, and clay.

Artist Spotlight at BVH: Blais BellenoitThe expression of the intangible universe and collective conscious

Blais is always searching for new styles and new techniques to absorb into his experience.

“It is one of the most important things to me as an artist; to keep pushing envelope and to keep the journey interesting.”

Blais Bellenoit: Son of artists

He is son of Rita Jean Krupowicz and David Allen Bellenoit. His mother was a professional illustrator for most of her life and illustrated books such as “The Talisman” by Stephen King and “The Hundred Year Christmas” by David Morrell. His father was a guitar player and freelance musician at times, but for the most part, he worked very hard to provide for his only son. Many of his early days were spent at his mother’s side watching her draw or by his father’s side listening to him play. As a result, he became an artist and a musician.


Come see his prints at Boulder Vapor House, and visit his website at ronineyecreations.wordpress.com


Blais at work

Blais at work

Soul Rain

Soul Rain

Framed Galactic Herd - NFS

Framed Galactic Herd – NFS

Boulder Vapor House: Always supporting new artists

In addition to providing customers with experienced staff and products we believe they so richly deserve, at Boulder Vapor House we strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the community. We host a number of events in our space, from local vape meet-ups and visionary artist launch parties, to issue release parties for local publications. Our hope is to provide customers with new and exciting ways to experience this growing vaping community. Our vape meet ups feature product giveaways, a community of people sharing tips and tricks, live music and art, local food, and an inviting atmosphere. There is no better opportunity to meet fellow members of the community, try new eJuices, and learn more about our ever-expanding list of products.

Along with our effort to help provide an alternative to smokers we have also organized a number of fundraisers and events designed specifically to give back. In addition to this, we also hold events for Local Businesses, Clothing Lines, Artists, Producers, Dj’s, and Local Publication.



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