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Android is a visual artist who works in what he has dubbed “Electro-Mineralist” art. He creates living art, including digital visual art projections from the Sydney Opera House in Australia to the Ghats in Varanasi in India.

His mind-blowing artwork features work in a variety of fields such as film concept art, video games, fashion design, body painting, illustration and digital live performance painting. Common themes of spirituality and altered states of consciousness are essential elements of his process and vision.

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Wanderer Awake by Android Jones

The “Electro-Mineralist Art.”

Moving far beyond the traditional technologies of pencils, ink, and brushes, Android develops a myriad of possibilities from within software programs. Some of the tools he uses are Painter, Photoshop, ZBrush, and Alchemy, discovering new exotic and cosmic combinations. His applications exceed the original intentions of their programmers. Jones’ art invites others to wake the advancing evolution of consciousness by speaking to the artist in everyone. He states that humanity is a medium that the universal creative spirit expresses itself through:

″ I’ve seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice, I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again. If I could distil into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it would not be worth making it. Instead, I have chosen the Pen. Honestly I don’t know why I make this art, or what compels me to keep creating it; it’s a mystery I intend to pursue for the rest of my life, and each image brings me closer to the Ultimate Truth.″

BVH events

IllumiNations by Android Jones

Android’s Studio at BVH!

Android will have his mobile studio set-up at the Boulder Vapor House lounge from 12-6 on Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd & 4th, then again October 10th & 11th! Watch him create art and check out his merchandise table, selling prints, holograms, plus items from his BRAND NEW apparel line! Apparel includes:

Android’s  designs on leggings, yoga pants, flow pants, tunics, and crop tops, all made of a comfortable, wicking fabric so you can wear them all day and night. Come and get yours this, or next,  Saturday & Sunday from 12-6pm!

Art at BVH

BRAND NEW apparel line

The event is a part of Open Art Studios, more info here:

We invite you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to see Android performing live, share unforgettable moments with fellow vapers and have a blast of a weekend at BVH!

Join us on October 3rd and 4th, and the 10th and 11th for an “Electro-Mineralist Art” experience.

Android Jones at BVH

Android Jones

Checkout our art gallery

BVH lounge

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